Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rural Housing Week, 20-27 May 2013

What a great idea. If rural housing issues had been considered important enough a decade or more ago to warrant the same impact as cheese week, or even rabbit week, then it would certainly be of a much higher priority today.

For Rabbit, read Rural Housing!

Tell a Friend or Neighbour about Rabbit Rural Housing Awareness Week

If you are reading this page then well done - you are already aware of Rabbit Rural Housing Awareness Week and have probably got your pet rabbits community booked in for their FREE health check with your local, participating vet Rural Housing Enabler. However, we need to spread the word to other rabbit owners communities about the FREE health checks that vets RHEs are offering for rabbits communities, councillors, and housing decision makers during the week and to ascertain how sustainable they are and how forming partnerships on the ground can reap dividends to all.

You may be aware of a friend or someone else in your neighbourhood who owns a pet rabbit is in housing need due to lack of suitable affordable housing, numerous exclusive second homes and the cost of renting or buying even though they are working. If so, we'd really appreciate you telling them about Rabbit Rural Housing Awareness Week especially with the cost of living, travelling and rural services becoming increasingly dearer and harder to reach. Why not print this letter and send it to your rabbit owning friend or neighbour in housing need, so that even more rabbits communities can benefit from these FREE rabbit community health checks.

On a sober note, Carl Sargeant AM, Minister for Housing and Regeneration said in his blog, Building a better Wales: ‘housing can provide a catalyst for the Welsh economy'. Let us see if Rural Housing Week in Wales can be the catalyst for raising awareness of housing and the rural economy, and how we can tackle the future sustainability of communities together.

Arfon Hughes
Gwynedd Rural Housing Enabler

(PS apologies to Rabbit Awareness Week)

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