Thursday, 19 September 2013

Why we need to make every visit count

During such difficult economic times, with public service budgets under severe pressure, there are many reasons why we must make every visit count. First and foremost, for our clients. Care & Repair in Wales visit around 30,000 clients every year and this is the opportunity for our caseworkers and technical officers to discuss what their concerns are and take action, either directly through Care & Repair’s services or in partnership with others who can help. We need to make visits count by comprehensively tackling the range of problems and concerns identified. These include: 'I’m worried about paying my gas and electricity bill'; 'what will I do this winter when it’s freezing again?'; 'how am I going to get my leaking roof seen to?'; 'I can’t use my bath anymore' and 'who can help me repair my broken steps?' For the sake of our clients, we aim to efficiently resolve as many of these problems as we can, either directly or making sure that we refer to other third sector organisations, local authority and health professionals if we can't.

Making every visit count is also about making it count in financial terms. Our services prevent or reduce admissions to hospital and residential care by making the home environment accessible, warm, safe and secure. What counts here is the way in which helping older people to live independently in their own homes can take pressure off Health and Social Care services by preventing falls, preventing cold-related respiratory and circulatory illness, or by preventing the need for residential care by making the home safe and accessible. This makes every visit count for public finances.

Making every visit count is about providing comprehensive solutions to older people who need our help. It’s about being efficient and about working in partnership with others. And finally, it’s about providing solutions to help older people to live independently and reduce demand for Health and Social Services who find themselves under increasing pressure.

Chris Jones
Chief Executive, Care & Repair Cymru

Care & Repair Cymru's conference, Every Visit Counts, took place on 18/19 September in Wrexham. Did you attend? Look out for a blog post on issues discussed at the conference!

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