Monday, 14 April 2014

Welcome, Tomos!

I started at CHC in March 2014 as Energy and Sustainability Officer whilst Shea Jones is on sabbatical leave for six months. 

One of my primary aims over the next few months is to work with CHC's members to develop our EU Energy Funding bid and new partnerships. 

As part of my role, I oversee the Technical Services Forum, Social Housing Fire Safety Strategy Group and Energy Group. Over the course of the next six months, I will keep CHC members up to date with developments on the Future Generations and Housing Bills, as well as every changing policy development within energy, sustainability and fire safety. 

The most challenging aspect of my role will be to develop our EU Energy Funding bid proposal whilst also keeping myself and members informed of UK, Welsh Government and European energy and sustainability policies and developments. What I hope to enjoy most in the next few months is being re-acquainted with staff working in HAs across Wales, learning new skills and experiences. 

Tomos Davies
Energy and Sustainability Officer

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