Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Resilience during Times of Change

We are often asked in Academi Wales…‘why is change so difficult to lead and manage in our organisations?’ When we consider how we drive whole scale change, we need to focus on the behaviors, the system and the symbols. We may start by considering the system (the way we do things) and focus on changing our tasks, actions and outputs to make the change happen. We may focus on the symbols (the non-verbal message) the brand, the meaning and the image our organisation conveys. We should always link this to behaviour (what I do and say) and this can often be the hardest part of any change.

Last year I contributed to the ‘Developing Resilient Organisations’ book by Strycharczyk & Elvin, in building the case studies I was struck again by how important it is to understand our own behaviour and those of others as a base for our leadership development.  

It is our behaviour that that can be the enabler or disabler for ourselves and others as we experience any change. In understanding our own behaviours we can understand how we have impacted our own experience and the experience of others. Our ability to remain resilient can impact our commitment to any change so it’s important to understand, what does being resilient mean to me? I am fascinated by the why, what and the how of resilience, why do some of us bounce back so quickly, what are the qualities that enable some to thrive whilst others may struggle to cope and how can we understand the behaviours that build or erode our resilience.  

It’s great to be part of #CandRconf15 this week, to offer a taster of development in understanding our resilience, a topic I remain continuously curious about.

Zoe Sweet

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