Monday, 17 February 2014

Care & Repair did my forward thinking for me!

In September 2013 I slipped and badly tore the ligaments in my ankle. An X-ray showed no fracture and I was given crutches and codeine by A&E!

No thought was given as to how I would cope at home. I live alone in a house with an upstairs bathroom and it was ENORMOUSLY difficult. I was in pain++ and trying to manage stairs on my bottom!

I felt very vulnerable. Not a good feeling for a fiercely independent 69 year old!

Care & Repair came to my aid quickly and fitted rails up my stairs and in my bathroom so I could access my shower. However, my injury was so bad that in spite of rails etc, my daughter whisked me off to London for 5 weeks. Whilst there, Dafydd (C&R) emailed me to check if I needed any more help, and on returning home he convinced me to have a step and rails at my front door. Little did I know that I would really need them soon.

January 2014, in the wars again! An acute knee problem necessitated another two nights in hospital. You cannot believe how grateful I was that all the aids to help my mobility at home were already in place. With a painful and stiff knee, I was still able to cope at home on my discharge from hospital with my C&R rails.

Care & Repair did my forward thinking for me! I am so grateful to them and have recommended them to friends, and retweeted their posts on Twitter. Perhaps we could all try to prepare for the worst that could happen, whilst hoping that the need will not arise.

THANK YOU Care & Repair!

Penny Murfin 
Client of Gofal a Thrwsio Ceredigion 

This is the first in a series of five blog posts published during Care & Repair Week. Pop back tomorrow to read the next post!

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