Thursday, 20 June 2013

'Don't panic, Mr Mannering!'

How often have we laughed at that phrase on ‘Dad’s Army’ and the craze of mugs and tea towels which echoes the war-time ‘Keep calm and carry on’?

But if you fall, how easy it is to panic! A slip or trip can send you to the ground so unexpectedly and hurt so much that we panic and try to rush to our feet. If we can’t and are really hurt, this can destroy our self confidence, take away our liberty and make us lose our independence in our own homes when we are at an age where we should enjoy our surroundings.

We curse the fact that we did not get those hand rails and supports put into place… and why? Because we thought it would never happen to us. However, here we are on the floor, the Care-Line still on the bedside cabinet and no phone in reach! Only now do we realise that it’s not silly to admit that we’re older, by realising that these aids are out there to help anyone who needs that little extra reassurance when walking indoors or outdoors which rails and other services provide.

It’s best not to fall at any age, but when you’re that bit older it’s never a good idea! Trips and slips rob so many of their self-confidence and independence. Do you want to be one of those, or will you take advantage of ‘Falls Awareness Week’ and seek a little extra help?

Care & Repair is here to help. Any delay might change your life, so stay safe and give us a call!

To contact your local Care & Repair Agency, simply call 0300 111 3333

Lynda Colwell
Agency Manger, Denbighshire Care & Repair

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