Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What are the current challenges for the new Health Minister?

I have taken on the role of Health Minister at a time when there is no choice but change for the health service. The NHS has changed every single year since it was founded in 1948 and this is still the case.

My aim is to bring the process of NHS configuration in Wales to a conclusion and to provide people with certainty about the shape of healthcare to come.

The process is already underway. I understand that when decisions are made not everybody will be happy. Not everybody will get the decision that they would prefer, but we need to make changes and finish the process so people can get on with delivering important services.

The changes come at a time when the whole of the Welsh Government faces stringent cuts in the revenue provided to all the vital services that Wales needs. My job as Health Minister is to speak up as loudly and persuasively as I can to make sure that we have the money we need to provide a health service that meets people’s needs.

An important part of my role is to meet people and I’m keen to talk to people and explain why things are being done in the way that they are.

What I can promise people is that I’ll consider everything as thoroughly as I possibly can, I will weigh up the arguments, I will look at the evidence, and then I will give them a decision.

Dr Mark Drakeford
Health Minister

Dr Mark Drakeford will be speaking at CHC's Health and Housing Conference in Cardiff City Stadium on 18 July. For further information, please see CHC's website.

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