Monday, 24 June 2013

Think differently, do differently!

We love our quotes in CHC. My quote of the moment is from Albert Einstein: 'A sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.'

In CHC, we’re taking this on board. We’re embarking on our first European funded project, Building Enterprise, which sees us leading on a project that will provide support for our members and other social enterprises with the ambition of ensuring that more services and products for the sector are delivered and supplied from social enterprises.

This project was a long time coming, but it’s come at a good time. When we consulted with our members last year, doing more to support the wider regeneration activities our members are embarking on was top of the agenda, along with continuing our lobbying activities. Since hearing that message, we’ve made many changes. We’ve created a Housing-led Regeneration Network supported by a newly created Regeneration Officer post which integrates the programme of work between CHC and CREW. We’re also leading on a project which will provide individual support but will also ensure that the sector can engage, share and learn. So when you’re thinking about what CHC does and that we’re moving into new territory, just remember that we’re thinking differently and doing differently which ensures that we’re well equipped to support the sector which is doing the same.

We're currently recruiting members for the Building Enterprise project steering group - please click here for further information.

Sioned Hughes
Director of Policy and Regeneration, CHC

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